How to Root & Interop Unlock the​ Windows 10 Mobile devices


There is a good news for Windows 10 Mobile users, today XDA forum group have released a tool that allow you to root or interop unlock your devices that running Windows 10 Mobile.

What is the Meaning of Root and Interop Unlock?

Most of the time every operating system, jailbreaking on iOS or rooting on Android are the method that allow you to install apps without Store (generally the paid cracked apps).

For Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile operating system also has this ability since Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8/8.1 that allow you to install apps (.xap) even crack or licensed to your devices. However, this method was allowed only to developers with a limitation of 10 apps only.

Besides that Microsoft also has another option “High-Privilege” app capabilities that allow an app has the ability to modified system files on your phone. However, this such option is for OEM Developer only.

Root or Interop Unlock is a term that are used since Windows Phone 7 in a meaning of overcome all limitation above.

How to Interop Unlock on Windows 10 Mobile

The following steps are confirmed by using Windows 10 Mobile Build 10166 and Build 10512។ So in order to  Interop Unlock please follow this steps:

  1. On your phone go to Settings > Update & Security > For Developers
  2. Check on Developer Unlock Mode.
  3. Download Root Tool.xap
  4. Connect your phone to your computer
  5. On your computer open Application Deployment
  6. In Target box choose your Device
  7. Click on Browse to pick the location of Root Tool.xap and click Deploy
  8. On your phone open the Root Tool
  9. Click on Yes, I Understand!
  10. And click on the second button named Lumia Registry Editor
  11. Click on … to open Menu and choose templates
    • Check on Interop/Capability Unlock to delete all limitation above
    • Check on Full FS Access with MTP to enable System Files when you connect to your computer
  12. And click Apply

Video Tutorial

You can check out this video below to see all steps in action:

For more information please go to XDA Forum.

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